Amber’s French Bakery and Cafe – with Lola (stylist)


I had a great time during the weekend because I met Lola, one of my friends and we went to the Amber’s French Bakery & Cafe for a lovely breakfast. The place is wonderful, you can choose from a large variety of pastries and all of them are very tasty! I would recommend visiting this place if you are in Budapest.
In this modern bistro you can feel the French atmosphere, you totally feel like in Paris. My favourites are those pastries that are made in the bistro’s own bakery. This french bistro is such a fancy place, but hey sometimes we can afford to treat ourselves well. For breakfast, I choose a nice warm croissant with a cup of cappuccino with almond milk. It was so delicious! The cakes looked so tasty and I couldn’t resist so I choose a lemon eclair donut. Bon a petit!
Lola also has a blog, that specializes on fashion and she works as a personal stylist. She started her blog as a hobby but later as a stylist, this became her daytime job. She would like to inspire other people and show people how to be confident.
She was always interested in the fashion world and always followed it’s progress but she didn’t understand why others copy or follow the new trends. Her goal as a personal stylist is to point out what is the best style that would suit the individual the most. She believes that the secret of the confident outlook is the inner harmony, this increases our self confidence.
She describes her style as simple and she likes transparency. This can be seen on her work. Currently you can find 4 services she provides. The basic service provides wardrobe organization, where she selects the proper outfits that describe your personality, she organizes them into outfits and if there are some missing clothing from the full outfit, you can go with her for a shopping haul. During this time she shows how you can combine different kinds of clothing and accessories that suits your personality. In addition she provides shopping haul services or personal style advice.
Lola’s every day and work motivation is the beauty of life. According to her you have to live according to these principles because these are the most important.
You can find all the important info about Lola’s personal stylist services on her website and you can find some great outfit pictures and posts on her blog. 🙂

Check out Amber’s French Bakery & Cafe’s Instagram and Lola’s website and Instagram!

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