Ikon Restaurant


I’d like to show you one of my favourite restaurants in Debrecen (Hungary), called Ikon Restaurant.
This restaurant is such a cozy and elegant place. You can find traditional Hungarian foods on the menu, but they modernized them with a smart twist. The wine selection is very colorful, along with the foreign wines, we can choose a wide variety of Hungarian wines from local wine producers.
I love to go this place with my friends for a lunch or a coffee. Once we went there I chose a very special food from the weekly menu, called a cream-brokkoli cod fish with parmesan and mashed potatoes. It is definitely worth visiting on the weekdays for some lunch too.
My other favourite dish beside the fish, is pasta so I decided to try their parmesan pasta with vegetables. It was delicious. For dessert, I chose apple pie which is always the best for me, then, to finish it all up, I drank some cappuccino. If you visit Debrecen, this is definitely one of the best restaurants to eat. 🙂

Check out Ikon Restaurant’s website here! 🙂

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