Sparhelt Bistro


When we went to our family trip to Balatonfüred in Hungary, we found a cool bistro called Sparhelt Bistro and I thought I’d show you some pictures about it. This place is very friendly and has a lovely atmosphere. You can find traditional food on the menu, but they modernized them with a little twist. We had a Hungarian speciality called ‘körözött’ for a starter which was made from cottage cheese and paprika. We ordered some lavender lemonade to drink, it was so delicious. We decided to share a plate which had duck soup, yellow chicken with peas, goat cheese and risotto with quail egg, roasted tomatoes. My ultimate favorite is always the pasties which were sausage cream, schmalz and aubergine this time which I had with toast. You can also buy these pasties in the bistro. For dessert, everyone chose an apple pie with vanilla cream. One thing I really loved is that everything was decorated with edible flowers. If you visit Balatonfüred in Hungary, this is definitely a nice place to try out some delicious food. 🙂

Check out Sparhelt Bistro’s website here!

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