A sunny day in Brighton


Last time when I visited my boyfriend in London, we went for a trip to Brighton and I thought I’d share my pictures and the experience with you.
I loved traveling to Brighton by train because we saw a bit from the English countryside which was so so beautiful.
When we arrived, we went to the seaside first, which was welcoming us with an amazing sunny view. We spent most of our times walking around the city and doing some sightseeing. We saw the new British Airways moving observation tower and the obligatory Brighton Pier where you can also find an amusement park.
I was obsessed with the city’s atmosphere and the streets even so that I can imagine myself living there.
Brighton is not a big city, you can explore the all city in a short period of time. There are a lot of nice restaurants and bars, we even managed to find a delicious burger place where we had some great burgers. For dessert we treated ourself with yummy waffles in Wafflemeister.
On the afternoon we spent our time in the Royal Pavillion’s garden which is the British Royal Family’s resident in Brighton. The architecture and the garden reminded us of India. This is such a lovely place, you can chill in the park or enjoy some picnic with your friends. We spent the whole afternoon here by having an uplifting sunbath and a bit of a relaxation, we were so lucky that the weather was so nice.
After leaving our wonderful time in Brighton behind, we went back to the teeming London.

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