Great Bistro


One of my friends, Fruzsi and me went to a vegan restaurant, called Great bistro. I have been many times in vegan restaurants and I loved the yummy food so I thought we need to try it again. Actually I eat meat, but not really often and I don’t eat dairy so I always find something delicious in vegan restaurants.
The Great bistro is such a lovely place, it is decorated with bright colors which is my favourite.
We can choose a wide variety of traditional food, which was made vegan options from the menu.
My friend chose club sandwich with sweet potato fries and some cranberry lemonade. So wonderful how they made the ‘salami’, it was so real and the taste of the ‘cheese’ was also delicious like the real one. The sandwich was a little bit too spicy for my friend but the look and the content of it was the same as the original. My choice was a creamy purple potato gnocchi in ramsons pesto and swiss chard, the name already sounds so yummy. The combination of flavors was very delicious and I liked it so much, but this is not surprising because I love foods with potato and cream. As a drink I chose cranberry lemonade.
If you visit Budapest, this vegan bistro is definitely one of the best in the city. 🙂

Check out Great Bistro’s Instagram here!

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