Birthday girl – princess and her castle

I celebrated my 24th birthday on this week and for this occasion me and my friends went to the Fisherman’s Bastion which is a beautiful place in Budapest. One of my lovely friend took some nice pictures about me, and you can see how wonderful this place is.
I wore a white lace dress which is perfect for summer and I paired with a powder pink shoulder bag and white sandals. I picked up these beautiful earrings which made the whole outfit so sophisticated. I felt like a princess in her castle.
The weather was very hot, so we decided to drink a frappuccino and eat a piece of cake in Starbucks. We had fun and the view was incredible. I appreciate this lovely afternoon with the girls. 🙂

Besides my favourite birthday surprise was The Culture Trip’s article about “Fashion Bloggers from Budapest” where you can find a little summary about my blog. It made me so proud and happy.
It summarizes very well what my blog is about and what I want to share with you. I always thought you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on something just to make a cool outfit. You have to know how to pair pieces to each other and follow your own style, better to know which are the pieces that matching to you and which are not. I want to show you my ‘unwritten rules’ in this post, in my opinion the total impact is the most important. You don’t have to follow the new trends, it’s much better if you pick up something that fits very well to your own style.
My favorite compliment is when somebody says to me “This outfit is so you”, when I hear that I know I chose such a good outfit which express my personality very well. 🙂

You can read The Culture Trip’s article here!

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