Hola Barcelona! – Güell Park and hiking on Monjuic

In my last post I mentioned some places in Barcelona to visit, you can read about it here! I extended that post a bit now with some more recommendations.

One of the most touristy place is Güell Park where you can see Gaudí’s masterpieces. You can walk around the park for hours, this is a very nice and chilled place. The other popular place is Montjuic which is quite a large area. You can find the Castell Montjuic here, the Olympic Park, the National Museum, a botanic and a cactus garden too. If you want to see everything in Montjuic I recommend to spend a whole day here. There is an opportunity to see the beautiful Barcelona from a cable car, I think it’s really worth a try.

I always try to take pictures about the city’s and country’s  atmosphere which represent the culture better than the “must have” touristic photos. I think these pictures which I took, represent very well the Spanish weekdays, the lovely small streets and the wonderful buildings. If you are planning to go to Spain I recommend Barcelona to you because there are lot of things to see, it has nice beaches and last but not least the Spanish people are very very nice. 🙂

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