I would like to show you this cool brunch place in Budapest, called Bubo. The waitresses are very nice and the place is so lovely. Fortunately we had a seat on the terrace where we could feel the atmosphere of Budapest next to Margaret bridge, on the Pest side. We can choose from a lot of delicious breakfast options, I really like that the brunch menu includes the drinks too. My friend, Bogi chose the french breakfast which contains two croissant, butter and jam. She drank some strawberry green tea too. My choice was the pate breakfast, I had the chance to choose two pate from a variety of options. I liked the tuna and the egg pate which they served with veggies and toast. I drank some green tea also. Everything were so yummy and the place is very nice so if you want a tasty brunch in Budapest I can absolutely recommend Bubo to you. 🙂

Check out Bubo’s Instagram here!

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