Last time I had very yummy brunch with one of my friends in Cinnamon so I thought I’d show you the pictures I made. The place is super cute and lovely, but a little bit small. Cinnamon is very popular so we had to wait a bit to have a seat, but if you reserve a table that will solve this problem. The breakfast menu is very good we can choose from a lot of delicious options, our end decision was the omelette. My friend drank some fresh orange juice and I chose the cinnamon cappuccino which was amazing, everybody needs to try this. We wanted to eat something sweet also so we ordered some croissant with homemade jam. They were very yummy straight out from the oven. My friend and I had to say that it was the best croissant in our life. Definitely try the croissant if you are going to Cinnamon. 🙂

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