My week in pictures – St James’s park, cinema time and our first Youtube video

The first time I didn’t bring food for lunch, so the destination is Pret.

I can’t get bored of this view, it’s so wonderful.
Canary Wharf

How cool is this tube station? I love it!
Tottenham Road Court Station

London life.

I can spend hours in Primark just looking around. I bought this little backpack last time, I like this purple color.

Yes, this is my big happy face. 🙂

This is my favorite breakfast: granola, Alpro vanilia yoghurt and fruits! The coffee is missing!

I always find something beautiful on streets of London.

Wonderful architecture!

Walking in St James’s Park after work with Ben.

Always being creative. Taking pictures and making videos

Well deserved reward. Vegan cupcakes. 😛
Lola’s Cupcake

3D iMax movie about the world’s amazing engineers and their creations.
Science Museum

Because of my dairy allergy it’s hard to find some chocolate for me. These are my favorites, especially the espresso one.
Whole Foods

My happiness.

I love this outfit. Cool and pretty in the same time.

And the end, maybe the most important and newest experience was making our first Youtube video with Ben. It was so exciting to filming a video, not only taking pictures through the week. We’d like to share one video on every week which is a little summary about our adventures. We appreciate any feedback and thoughts from you! 🙂


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