High Wycombe – The most peaceful Airbnb next to river Thames


Since we’re living in London, the days and weeks are flying so fast. That is why sometimes is good to escape from the big city. We love to live here but occasionally we need a little piece. Because of this we decided to go on a weekend trip to High-Wycombe which is a pleasant small town not too far from London. Of course we rented an Airbnb to get a home like experience and I still can’t believe it was next to river Thames. Our accommodation was a remake boat house and if we went to the back garden we had the river in front of us. Only the nature surrounded us.
We liked the boat house a lot, you can see on the pictures that was perfect for the weekend. I adore having breakfast so my favorite part of the Airbnb was the breakfast corner which included in the rent. I loved the clear design and the navy-white and wood decor. It was so elegant and felt so luxurious. We just walked out from the house and the nature was already in front of us. We went for a walk in the forest next to Thames where enjoying the beauty of the nature. Autumn is my favorite season when the trees and the weather is changing. I also love the smell of this season.
During the night, we had some dinner in a nice pub, then we got cozy in our bed with a cup of tea. This weekend made us new people. I recommend to take some time off for everyone and to go and rest a little bit. If you don’t have the option then just go on a walk into the nearest park and I’m sure you will be more energetic on the next day when you start work again. 🙂


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