6+1 tips how to live more peaceful and happy life


It was always so important to me to have a balance around me. I need to find the peace in the weekdays and see the good in everything even if not everything is perfect. From these little pieces it becomes my inner piece and happiness. I thought I’d show you some life tips that help me during weekdays to not to be stressful. Don’t worry about unnecessary things and be open-minded for new things and people. Because everything happens in the brain.

1. Have the right mindset

When we wake up in the morning it’s very important to start the day with the right mindset. Sometimes, it’s so difficult for me as well but I try to concentrate my thoughts on my goals and what can I do today to reach them as soon as possible. If you fail in something, don’t take it as a failure because you can learn from everything and next time you know how to do it and you’ll succeed. Try to start your day with positive energies. If somebody tries to ruin your day or something bad happens try to ignore that because if you believe in yourself and you are positive, everything is possible.

2. Be more organized

I love organizing and planning everything. When I plan my week I know when I have free time and I never forget about anything important. Grab a piece of paper, write some notes or a to do list, plan your next week meals so you don’t need to worry about what to eat in your short lunch break. If you take your time to wake up, have breakfast and enjoy your coffee, trust me you’ll start your day more peaceful and you won’t go in a hurry to work. I believe in the positive effect of the organizing. If your environment, your home, your mind and life are organized maybe the life won’t be easier but you will be more confident and feel peaceful when you control your own life.

3. Live healthy

I’m sure, you have met with the importance of healthy life everywhere but it’s so hard to keep or even to start. I think the most important thing is to find the balance in the healthy life. The main thing for me is to eat a lots of fruits
and veggies, drink a lot of water. Sometimes is great to have a non-meat week. Me and my boyfriend have tried this already, it had a great effect on our lives. And of course, I love crisps, fries and sweets so it’s hard to resist for me too. But why we need to resist? I think it’s completely fine if you eat a piece of chocolate or you eat some crips, you only need to keep the balance. If you like doing some sports you know how well you feel after that. But if you don’t (like me) you can try some other active sports like dance, yoga, climbing, tennis or just go for a walk in the park (my favourite). You can do anything you love that keeps you in motion.
One of the best techniques to empty your mind is meditation. Our brain is always working like crazy so sometimes it’s good to slow down and empty our minds. This releases positive thoughts and great ideas. You only need some quiet and calm minutes. I love listening to the raindrops or the sea waves when I meditate. You can try this with the Calm app. (Calm app- App Store)

4. Read something good

When we read an interesting book everything seems to disappear around us, it makes us calm and even excited, we are completely in another world. Our fantasy and creativity immediately starts working and this improves all our thinking and our interpretation of the world. Whatever topic you like, it’s great to spend even 10 minutes reading (which is not too long compared to the time what you spend on your phone). You can read on the bus or tube while you go to work or school. I’m sure it’s better for you than scrolling down on Facebook. Go to a bookshop or the library, omg you can’t believe how many exciting and interesting books there are, sometimes I can’t choose. What are you interested? Motivation? Real story? Fantasy? or just a romantic story? Everyone can find something, you only need to take your time. If you don’t like when the bus is shaking or you want to cook while reading, I recommend listening to a podcast or an audiobook.

5. Enjoy the moment, do what makes you happy

If you love drawing, baking or learning new languages, just do it! Don’t try to find excuses why you don’t have time to do what you love. You always have the time for what you want. Enjoy every moment even so if it’s outside your comfort zone. Most of the times when you step over your comfort zone, every time something good happens. There are and always will be things which we don’t like to do or we consider is hard. Though if you try to enjoy these tough moments you will soon find something that will be for your benefit. Think about what you can learn from these moments and you will be done with these roles sooner than you think. I don’t like to make compromises. If I don’t like something or I don’t feel comfortable in a situation I move on. I’m the same with the people who are have negative mind and try to ruin my positive thinking. I always try to enjoy my life because the life is too short to waste your time on things or people which make you stressful. Do what you love, don’t hesitate. You can start tomorrow, or now and enjoy every moment of it because that will make you happy!

6. Be open-minded, learn every day something new

In a day we have only 24 hours for everything. Try to split your time well, spend it with something useful and learn something new. We can never be clever enough, good enough or nice enough. And you shouldn’t be. But no-one can take away and nothing can replace your knowledge. Read about what you are interested in or what you don’t because if you are open-minded to things which you don’t know, you can understand it. Try to understand, learn more and find the answers for the why. Then we can understand how our world works. Be open to new things, new and different people because everyday is a chance to hear an interesting story, meet with a wonderful person or learn something how does it work.

+1 Take it easy, don’ stress

And one more tip and maybe the most important. Don’t stress. It doesn’t worth it. Everything happens for a reason. If you are stressed about something it won’t be better and just reduce your creativity and positivity. Take it easy. If you do your best, it won’t depend on you!

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