6 tips how to be more organized



1. Write things down!

If you’d like to be organized the most important thing is to grab a paper, a notebook or your phone and write everything down what you want to achieve. Writing a list is the key for me. This could be a shopping list / what would you like to buy for your friends and family for Christmas / to do list for the week / where would you want to travel next or what would you want to achieve in a year. Write down one by one the tasks and you can see how you can manage the tasks. This also makes you realize how many things you need to do to reach your goal. I recommend crossing or ticking off the things which are done then you can feel proud of yourself.

2. Make schedules and deadlines!

It’s very important to specify how much time you want to spend on a task and what is the exact date when you need to be done. The daily to do list can be separated for 1-2 hours periods. For example until 10am I need to be done with the cooking and until 4pm I have to finish my essay. If you have more time for something, you can define a week period and Sunday will be your deadline. But my tip for you is to break down the week and do small tasks everyday and don’t leave everything for Saturday. Unfortunately, not many people think about the future, but I think it’s so important to make a deadline for tasks which need long time to reach and set your goals. It can be a language exam, saving for the next traveling or establishing your own business. These deadlines and planning can take longer or shorter period of time such as from one months to years but if you set the goal, you are one step ahead. Then you only need to move step by step and tick the things on your list.

3. Don’t procrastinate!

As I mentioned in the previous section the deadlines are very important but you need to keep going with the tasks and doing it one by one. It’s very important to start immediately when you have a bit of time. I know it’s hard to start something, especially if it’s something you don’t like to do. But you only need to do the first and hardest step then it goes by itself and if you get stuck, everything has a solution. You can ask someone’s help, why not? You can do it step by step, the point is you have to do it all the time when you have time for this. At the end when you are done and you’ll see the results you and can be so proud yourself.

4. Declutter regularly!

This is not just about sometimes checking the fridge to look for expired foods, assorting your clothes in every season or throwing away the trash from your car. Yes, these are very important but you need to care about your mind and soul then make it empty regularly. Clear your mind then fill it up with new and  creative thoughts. I believe in minimalism, not in the crazy way. But when I moved to the UK from Hungary, I had to decide what to bring. If you think about it, nothing has irreplaceable value, only the accumulated things. So sometimes is better to go through your house and find out which are the things you use and you need every day. Do you really need 12 pieces of teddy bears or one more white t-shirt? I don’t think so. Spend your money on those things that are crucial. It’s better to spend on gaining new knowledge, experiences, these make you more rich in life, not the objects.

5. Be productive in a short period of time!

If you have the list what you need to do then we can start ticking those boxes off! It’s best to focus on your task so you will be more productive and you’ll finish earlier. But first you have to be ready in your mind and soul. You can meditate, read a motivational book, go for a run or watch an inspirational video on Youtube. The point is you need to concentrate your thoughts on your goals. Don’t do anything else. I think everyone knows how it feels like when you start to doing multiple things at once but really that is nowhere close what you really need to do. So don’t start to clean the whole house! 😀 Focus on your tasks and tick off the things on your list one by one. You’ll see you finish in a shorter period time when you concentrate for one thing.

6. Neatness count that’s why!

If your environment is organized, your life will be more organized as well. I love these wisdoms. It’s so relaxing for me if I’m organizing my stuff, the next week is planned or I know what we’ll eat during the next days. I don’t like to be not organized. If you put a bit of effort thinking about what do you want to do next week or what are your future plans, it’s so much easier to see your next days/weeks/months. Trust me, you will be so confident when you have a full control of your own life.

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