Weekend trip to Windsor and Stonehenge



When my parents visited us in London, they wanted to go for a trip to see the English countryside too not just only the capital.  So we decited to jump into a car and drive up to Windsor and Stonehenge.

After one and a half hours later, we arrived to Windsor which is famous about it’s castle. The most special thing about it is that the royal family still uses the castle on their weekends. Of course where II. Elizabeth and her family they are living is a closed area but most parts of the castle is open for the visitors. There are a lot of interesting exhibitions in this beautiful old architecture. You can see previous queens and kings childhood toys, paintings and where they lived.

You can feel the presence of the monarchy in the whole town. There are a lot of lovely restaurants, coffee and tea shops on the cozy narrow streets. Windsor is a small town, you can get around in 3-4 hours on feet including the castle. If walk next to the castle you will find the Great Park which is a beautiful park where people rest a little bit with their family. In this park there is the Long Walk where you can go for a long walk or go for run as well, which goes on for miles. The park extends along the royal land where you can see how beautiful the nature is. We were lucky because the trees flourished in beautiful fall colors. Then we went to the Thames to see the Windsor Bridge, it was so beautiful in the sunshine.

When I’ve been in Windsor with Ben for a couple months ago we had a lovely lunch in Drury house, next to Windsor Castle. We chose to eat something traditional english food from the menu. The owner of the restaurant was Italian, we chatted with her for a bit and she explained how she opened the restaurant. She was so nice and their food was so delicoius. Then the last time with my family, we decided to go to Latino which is a greek restaurant and we tasted some awsome greek specialities. After lunch we went to a coffee shop called Cinnamon Cafe. You can drink some coffee, hot chocolate and they have some yummy cakes as well. I recommend you to try the cinnamon buns, this is their speciality. And of course I love everything with cinnamon.

After Windsor we went to Stonehenge which was so adventurous. It was in the afternoon when we arrived to the park where you can see the stones. But the guard said the park is closing in 10 minutes so he can’t let us inside. We really wanted to see it so we went down on another road may we can see the famous stones. We were so lucky because we find an entrance which was open and we could  go into the park and see Stonehenge. It was wonderful and so misterious to see the ancient stones. Then the weather changed for a typical English one, it was so rainy and windy but we really enjoyed this little trip together. 🙂

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