The perfect outfit for the chilly weather in London


When someone says ‘English weather’ everyone thinks about the rain and wind. Of course we have some days like that in London, but autumn is here and I really enjoy the chilly days and the early beautiful sunsets.
I wear more and more layers since the winter is coming so fast, I try to keep myself warm but still being fashionable. It’s so interesting how the people in London dressĀ up much differently than in Hungary. My opinion is, they express themselfes more bravely and the show it through their clothing.
I was not afraid to wear some fashionable pieces at home but since I’ve been living here, I feel I found myself and I’m more confortable to wear something besides jeans and t-shirt (which always be my favorite pairing).
Wearing a big scarf is indispensable here, in London. On the tube you’re so hot and when you get off it’s cold outside, so I love to hide behind my scarf in autumn. I chose this elegant gray coat for this outfit which is my favorite combination with my navy-white striped culotte and this little navy bag. I think it’s the most stunning color matching ever. And my new boots. I love it! This is the perfect pointed boots with not too high heels. The boots areĀ socks boots so it perfectly fits to my legs. The best choice for this kind of trousers.

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