Appestat – Coffee House, Brunch Stop, Pop Art Gallery


Me and my friend, Szandi went to Appestat, which is a cool coffee shop so I thought I’d like to show you some pictures about it. If you are in London, it’s better to visit some local coffee shops than the big ones which you can find everywhere all over the world. In the future, I’d like to show you some nice places (coffee shops, restaurants) that I love in London!

Appestat is a local coffee shop in Angel where you can have breakfast and they always have some fresh delicious pastries on the menu. Sometimes they have pop-up galleries so if you are a huge fan of art it’s worth to visit this coffee shop. The staff is so nice and the music macthes perfectly to the place’s atmosphere where you can read your favorite book or do some work on your laptop while you enjoy their tasty coffee. We tried the vegan banana bread, it was so yummy, tasted like the homemade one. We choose the table next to the window because it was the most amazing view to the Christmas lights on the street. Then we drank our delicious and strong double almond latte during our long chatting! 🙂

Appestat’s website can be found here! Go and check it out!

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