Moving to London- the first three months: inspirational people and environment


In my last post, I talked about my story of moving from Hungary to the UK. And now, I’d like to tell you about how I’m feeling here, what happened to me and about my experience when I visited home for the first time after 4 months.

After I moved to London and we got the keys for the flat and I got a new job soon at one of the biggest company in the world. So my life just started in London. I love the city, there are lots of opportunities for everyone, you just need to find them and use them wisely. From free exhibitions to the coolest coffee shops, you find everything in this city and you can do many things while if you have a bit of time. In my free time, I always find some time to visit such places with Ben and my friends. We have a video blog as well on Youtube, so you can follow our adventures. We really enjoy to share with you. 🙂

I’m surrounded by cultural diversity and I feel blessed about it because I always meet with interesting people every day. It always opens my eyes how amazing this world is and how different but at the same time similar we are.

I’m working with people from more than 12 different countries. Everyone told their life story, why they moved to London and what are their reasons to be here. Unbelievably, these people’s paths cross one another. I believe it happens with a good reason because I’ve already learnt a lot from them.

So many people, who I’ve met, told me they’d like to go home because of their family and friends and they feel alone here in London. The city is too accelerated for them, but if they go home, they don’t have opportunities for a better life, that’s why they stay here. For me it’s so sad that lots of people feel and think the same way. Most of my friends told me, they will stay a couple years in London and then move to another country but they won’t move to home that’s for sure. Me and Ben think accordingly, too. After the first moving, you feel free of the old mindset and you realize there are a lot of opportunities for live, work, make friends anywhere all over the world. Today you can do anything what you want.

The most interesting thing what I experienced after moving to another country is my relationship with my family, my friends and how I see myself as a Hungarian. I missed my family and friends when I lived in Budapest (I’m from a smaller town, called Debrecen), but it was easy to go back to Debrecen on a weekend or once in a month and I could always called them when I was on my way to work. If someone had a birthday or we had a family event, I just caught the next train and went back to my hometown. But now I can’t do this.

Although, I can’t really complain for a UK-Hungary distance when one of my friends, who is from Brazil, has never been at home since she moved here 2 years ago. I’m always so excited to see my family through the camera or I can chat a little with my friends on Messenger. Besides, I never thought I will be so glad to have a Hungarian girl at work. My days are so different when we are working on the same day and we can chat in our native language. These days, when I speak only in English, I can’t wait to go home and speak with Ben in Hungarian.

After I moved to London, Ben told me we can speak in English with each other so I can practice a bit. One day, we were speaking in English all day and when we went to a restaurant we wanted to chatting about the couple next to us (just tipping how many dates they had) but obviously we started speaking in Hungarian so they didn’t understand us. This had a big impact on Ben, so he asked me to speak in Hungarian again because he felt he can’t express himself in English as much as he wanted in Hungarian. Actually I felt the same and I couldn’t chat and laugh deep down from my heart as I could have in my native language. In my opinion, the reason is the English sentences and expressions simplicity. Because the Hungarian we can express ourselves in several different ways that gives a bit of a colour to the language and some difficulty, we are tied to our language.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to fly back to our hometown, Debrecen. I couldn’t take my holidays during the Christmas season, so we did a short pre-Christmas celebration with our families. After four months of me staying here, we went home. I had never had this feeling that I was so happy to finally hug my family. They visited us once in London but the feeling of being at home was definitely different. My grandparents and godparents came for lunch to my parents house and of course I ordered some delish Hungarian food from my Mom. I went for a coffee with my long time friends, it felt like we met yesterday. I was so happy. 🙂

The life in Debrecen is noticeably different than in London. Less people, more quietness and even city centre is more calm. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t good for me, but after staying there for few days, it felt nicer to be back to London in our new ordinary life.

The point is, it is a very nice experience to move to another country. You are given the chance to try new things that you otherwise wouldn’t. My personality is still changing because of these things and I believe in our environment has a huge effect on us. We are learning and changing through our life. The most important thing for me is that I can get to know myself better and better everyday.

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