My favorite moments from 2017 and what I learnt

January: Me and Ben started the new year with a little chilling in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest.

February: I visited my friend, Rita in Birmingham then Ben in London. What awesome memories they were!

March: I have lots of favorite moments from 2017 with my bestie and she takes the best photos for the blog. 😛

April: A weekend trip to Balatonfüred, Hungary with my family. These times are the most important ones for me.

May: I visited Ben in the UK again and we spent a day in Brigton.

June: I spent my birthday with my friends at Fishherman’s Bastion, Budapest with lots of laughs, chatting and a very good cup of Starbucks.

July: Besides that I got my degree (yaay!), me and Ben went to Barcelona for a lovely holiday.

August: We went to Croatia with my family, I can’t believe how amazing the beaches are.

September: One of the biggest things that happend to me is that I moved to London.

October: We went for a weekend trip and spent it in a boat house next to the Thames.

November: My family visited us in London and we went for a trip to Windsor and Stonehenge.

December: I spent the Christmas together with Ben and celebrated our anniversary as well.;”>


Hello everyone!

This year a lot of things happened to me as you can see on my pictures above where I’d like to show you my favorite moments from last year. I wouldn’t have thought it would be this hard to choose one picture from each month. I collected lots of memories and experiences last year. I had some quality time with my family and friends, they are always there for me even that we are living in different countries.
That’s why I think it’s so important to care about your family members and friends, make them feel how much they mean to you and spend quality time with them. We need to work hard to keep good relationships over the years but it’s definitely worth it.

I’m so lucky because I had the opportunity to travel to some nice countries in this year. After discovering new places I always see our world differently and I want to see more and more. I went for holiday with my family and Ben where I collected lots of beautiful memories. What I learnt from my travels in this year is that it’s worth to put down the camera a little bit and enjoy the moments. I’m always so amazed how colorful this world, the cultures, the people and the foods are. I can’t wait to explore more in 2018.

Because of my long distance relationship with Ben, I moved to London to live together. After I graduated from uni, the summer ended and the moving day came so fast. I remember that day, it was the same feeling when I visited Ben many times, then after a couple of months I realized I’m actually living here in London and our common life started. I have never been happier in a relationship before. I learnt how difficult, but important it is to find someone who understands and supports me in hard times and that I can share my happiness with him.

And what did I learn about myself? I learnt that I’m stronger and much brave than I thought. I had to get over hard times in this year but I always solved my problems. I listened to a lot of podcasts and read a lot about society and psychology which are my favorite topics. Therefore I realized what makes me happy and what doesn’t, how I can feel more complete and find my inner peace. What’s the reason of our existence on this planet other than finding yourself and do what makes you happy.
Maybe it sounds a little bit cliche but I really believe in it and I’d like to learn more about myself and my environment next year. 2018, a new year again with new opportunities. Time to create your dreams, desires and tick off some things on our bucket list! 🙂 (If you don’t have one, it’s time to write your own! :P)

And last but not least, I must mention my blog that I started earlier this year. Thank you for all your support and being with me on this exciting journey. In the next year, I’d like to write more post for you in different topics so that you can get to know me better. I can’t wait to share my opinions and my experiences. I have many many plans for 2018. You will discover a few changes on the blog in the next month but until it’s ready, HAPPY new year for you and let’s make those resolutions a reality! :)) What are your goals for the next year?

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