Why I don’t drink alcohol


Yes, you’ve read that right. I’m not drinking alcohol for years now. When I tell someone about this while they try to invite me for a drink, their reaction is always a big surprise. Though my question is why? And their question is usually the same as mine all the time.

I got questions like these:
Are you sick?
Is it because you’re religious?
How can you enjoy a night out?
and my favorite is: How can you live without alcohol?

So, this is my story why.

When I was a teenager, I tried it because of my friends and because it was so cool. On the weekends, we went out and obviously we were drinking and that was so fun. As I started growing up – I mean when my adolescence years were over – I realized it isn’t cool at all and I can spend my time and weekends with more valuable things.

But first, let’s go back to these alcohol cloudy nights and how I experienced it.

I think most of you who are reading this post, know the feeling when you are not drunk enough so you drink one more drink but after that you are too drunk to enjoy the night. I experienced this so many times and I always reached a point when I felt sad, depressed and alone. I couldn’t enjoy the night anymore and I was thinking about the worst things. The next day I was so sick and tried that I had to hide from my family.

So my first thought on not drinking alcohol was because of these bad feelings. I’m a positive person with positive thoughts so I asked the question from myself: why do I want to feel depression caused by alcohol?
The reason of this feeling is that when you are drinking you will get an initial boost from the chemicals and you feel happy then when you stop drinking (you are drunk enough) you will miss the chemicals that the alcohol contains which causes anxiety and depression.
It can cause a lot of changes in your thinking too and you can experience frustration because of your “foggy brain” which doesn’t allow you to think as clearly as normal.

My second reason was the hangover.

The day after these parties, I was always sick. I had a headache, nausea and I couldn’t eat anything, it was also hard to drink a glass of water.
When I became more health conscious, I realized that the whole drinking doesn’t worth it at all and it also has a very bad effect on my body. In the last couple of years, I started experiencing migraine in my life. This – if you didn’t know – feels exactly the same when you are on a hangover and let’s be honest who loves to be on a hangover? No one.

So this leads onto my final reason, which is my migraine because I hate to experience this feeling.

I mentioned before, that drinking has a lot of bad effects on our body and it can cause mental and health problems as well.

Some effects the alcohol has on your body:
-shrinking brain and blackouts
-heart, liver and stomach damage
-birth defects and infertility
-skin damage

When I went to university, I wasn’t part of the so-called ‘uni life’ because when I went out with my classmates they were drunk. Due to the fact that I am not drinking alcohol, I couldn’t enjoy their company anymore. Most people went for a beer after uni every single day, they said it’s only just a relaxation after a long day. They also stated that it’s not an addiction. For me it is.

I’m not writing this post to make you feel guilty about drinking alcohol. I know a lot of people feel more confident while drinking alcohol. I think it’s better to sit down and clear your mind, think about yourself and start to develop your confidence without it. In my opinion, the measure is the key. Think about why you need it and how can you enjoy life without it.

And of course, my third reason is my health because we need to care about ourselves inside and out. There are a lot more things to discover, enjoy and experience in life.


This post was inspired by Cornelia Grimsmo’s Youtube video! Go and check it out! Definitely worth watching it.


  1. Emi
    February 7, 2018 / 8:08 pm

    ?? Nagyon király bejegyzés!

    • inspiredlifebyjutta
      February 7, 2018 / 8:14 pm

      Köszi Emi! 🙂 Örülök, hogy tetszett!

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