The weekend and especially Sunday means brunch for me so we decided to go to a nice restaurant in Notting Hill, called Farmacy.

We were amazed by the interior and the menu as well. You have so many nice options to choose from, really hard to decide. Farmacy is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant so everything is fresh, organic and free of chemicals. After a few minutes of discussion with Ben, we chose the nachos with different dips like guacamole, salsa and ‘sour cream’ as a starter. For the main meal, we picked the English Breakfast and the Eggs Florentine. Then to finish off this nice brunch we got some Chocolate Chip Warrior Waffles which was so special to me because it’s made with oats, sun warrior protein, chia seeds and is served by homemade Nutella. (yumm) I recommended Ben to choose some special coffee, so we decided to drink the Maca Latte and the Adaptogenic Latte.

Everything was very delicious, I think this place a very good proof of eating tasty meals without meat. Although, the two special coffee weren’t our favorite because of the special flavors which were added to the coffee. It didn’t match our taste but we ordered a plain cappuccino with almond milk and it was delish.
Farmacy is a little bit pricey but is definitely worth trying one of their plant-based, organic meals. I appreciate that their meals made without dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals.

It was our second time to try to get a table in Farmacy so I recommend arriving before 11 am because you can’t reserve a table.

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