My Sunday pamper routine


I’d like to share my typical Sunday pamper routine with you which helps me start the next week fresh and renewed. My skincare routine quite simple, my principle is ‘less is more’. I usually start my day with cleaning my face with micellar cleansing wipes. Now I’m using the Simple cleansing wipes because it doesn’t consist any perfume or harsh chemicals and is very easy to use (even with removing makeup). My skin is very sensitive so I really need to be careful about which products I use on my skin and it needs lots of hydration.

To hydrate my skin I use the Simple Water Boost Sleeping Cream on my face during the day and night time too. The minerals and plant extractions help reverse and replenish my dehydrated skin. Sometimes if I have some spots on my face I use the La Roche Posay Effaclair Dou which helps reducing redness on my skin and correct blemishes after spots.

On Sundays, I love to do exfoliation on my whole body and my face as well. I think it’s very important to use a body and face scrub to get rid of your dead skin and this treatment helps you to renew it. It’s advisable to do it only once a week or less to reach the best results on your skin. I use one of my favorite Hungarian brands Blanche’s Coffee Body Scrub with Grape Seeds Oil on my body and I usually use it when I’m having shower because I try not to do too much mess with it. The hymalaya salt in the srub exfoliate your skin and stimulates blood circulation, even the coffee helps to fight with the cellulite and stimulates collagen production. The oils in the product keep your skin hidrated so after using it you don’t need any body lotion. BUT 😀 Because of my very dry and sensitive skin I prefer to use the Blanche Avocado Body Cream with Grape Seeds Oil wich is a very rich and deep hydrating cream. It repairs your dry skin and because of the E-vitamin, the avocado oil keeps your skin soft like baby skin.

Then I use the Bioderma Hydrabio Exfoliate cream on my face which is gently exfoliate and hydrate my skin. On the weekends, I like to use a face mask while I’m watching a Youtube video or reading a book. Nowadays I’m using the Simple Rich Moisture Sheet Mask for sensitive skin, exatly what I need after a long week.

My last step in my pamper routine is using a lip balm. When I started to use the Blanche Universal Marigold Balm I felt in love at the first time. It’s always next to my bed and when I wake up put it into my bag. You can use it for couple things like your nails, dry parts of your body and lips. This balm is the most emollient balm what I used on my cracked lips, especially at winter time.

I prefer to use natural, chemical, parfume and paraben free products which are kind to my sensitive skin. That’s why I’m using Blanche natural, handmade products from Hungary and Simple products from the UK.

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