When I visited Budapest last time, I found Stika which is a cool bistro in district 7, in the city center. Stika is a tiny place but the food is amazing. I had the lunch menu with my friends which has different options to choose. They have traditional and special offers too so the choice is up to you and your taste. The bistro’s interior is so cool and has a kind of industrial atmosphere. The retro light bulbs and the whole design make the environment so friendly and chilled.

From the menu, I tried the Duck Soup and the Spinach Gorgonzola Noodles. The soup was like my mom does it, so delicious and typical Hungarian for me. The Noodles was very tasty because of the cream and cheese, I usually cook some creamy spinach pasta at home so it was my absolute favorite. The girls chose the Beer Batter Chicken with Parmesan Mash from the main menu. I think it’s an all-time favorite if you would like to eat something ‘home-made’ food with a little twist. They were so amazed by the parmesan mash.

In Stika, you can order delish specialty coffee, cold press juices and they have brunch menu all day.

Check out Stika’s Instagram here!

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