Open letter to my sister – You don’t need to be perfect


Dear Sis,

You are big enough now to understand what I always have been saying to you about life. When you were so little and innocent (and still you’re) you didn’t understand why I always told you: ‘It’s absolutely okay to fall but you need to learn how to stand up again and again!’ Now you know.

Because I have you, my little sister I always felt like a mom who has to care about you and teach you everything that I know so you can learn from my mistakes and maybe you don’t need to experience the bad things as I did. I know it’s not good because everyone learns from their mistakes but I try to protect you and I always will.

It was so cute when you came to me for the first time to ask me about your outfit. But on the other side I was so surprised why do you care about it so young. Probably because of mom and your two older sisters (including me) who love fashion and like to get ready in the morning.
This time I realized how important it is to be a good example for you because you take over lots of things unintentionally.

You grow up in the world of the internet while I played with barbies as a child. I saw and experienced how the media put pressure on us to be perfect and living the dream life. But I learned it’s not real and what you see on the screen has a lot of work behind and unfortunately they never talk about it.

When I was younger I always tried to be the best, the prettiest, the coolest and it was so hard and exhausting. I was comparing myself to others and I was dissatisfied with myself. I felt I have to be perfect to arouse others interest. Everyone does the same thing like you and me but it shouldn’t be like this. Everyone has different values, their own beauty, and unique personality. We are not perfect human beings and it’s completely okay.

With time, I learned I don’t need to be perfect. I only need to be myself. It’s a long journey to understand and learn who you are, so be patient and try to discover a part of yourself every day. Of course, not everyone will like you and it’s absolutely fine. The most important to love yourself. I know, it’s so hard not to care about others opinions but those who count will like you and your own values. Never forget to be your best version of you.

When you are so excited about exams and the result I’m always smiling because after I finished schools (GCSE, uni degree) I see myself in you. I worried about the marks, the numbers but at the end, it doesn’t matter. These are just numbers. If you would like to go to uni (and I know you want) of course you have to work for it. I mean after all these you will be thrown into real life and the only things that matter is what you are doing to reach your goals and dreams. The most important thing is to do your best and be loyal to yourself and what you believe. Don’t forget to enjoy life and take it easy.

I know you have a big heart so please stay the same forever. Maybe life will give you some lessons but try to learn from them so you become stronger than before. Always be open to the world, for new people and adventures so you can understand the power of the universe and what it has for you.

When you worry about school, your outfits or boys, I will always give you a big hug and tell you don’t worry you don’t need to be perfect.

Love you,


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