8+1 tips how to plan your best travel


1. Figure out your destination and start saving

I think everyone has a bucket list of the dream places where you would like to go in your life. If you find out which one is your next travel destination, check how much it cost to go and stay there on average. Then organize your income and outcome for the next following months so you can see how much you can and need to save until your travel. In my opinion, it’s better to save a little bit in every month than try to save more for 1-2 months.


2. Book in advance (flights, accommodation) + apply for Visa

If you handle your money well :P, I’m sure you have some savings so you can book your flights and accommodation in advance. The closer you are to the day of the travel, the more expensive you can buy a flight ticket and book a hotel room. So I recommend looking after these if you find out your next travel. Better to book these a couple months before you are going because usually it costs twice as much if you buy it a few weeks before.  (E.g.: We are going to California in March and we booked the flight tickets in November but if we would like to buy it now it would cost double the price or more.)

If you are traveling to a country where you need a Visa to let you into the country, you have to apply for a Visa on the exact embassy’s website or go to the country’s embassy. Sometimes it takes a month (less or more) to get it so don’t forget to apply in time.


3. How much money do you need?

This almost the most important question because you need to decide what kind of travel do you want and of course it depends on your budget. You can backpacking, travel by car or flight, you can stay at your friends or in a hotel and Airbnb. You have lots of options. I usually calculate an average price for everything which I want. For example, after you know where you will stay and how you will go there, you need money for travel (public transport, rent a car/bicycle), food, tickets (museums, exhibitions, parks, concerts, clubs) and maybe for souvenirs. 😀


4. Unmissable touristic programs (exhibitions, historical places, museums)

I usually plan my programs when I travel so I can take the maximum advantage of the time spent there. I like to see the typical touristic places where I go but not everything so I try to select my favorites. I recommend to plan your destinations and divide the city into different parts so the attractions which are in one area better to see on the same day and you will save a lot of time with it.


5. Your desired places to visit (throughout you can feel the local atmosphere)

These places are the most important for me to visit because that’s how you can experience the local atmosphere, the culture and know the people who live there. These desired places could be programs like chilling in a park what the locals love or go to the beach and have a picnic next to the sea. I’m sure you will find something special which you would like to experience. Good idea to read local bloggers advises or watch their videos which are the best places to visit.


6. Where to eat (best coffee shops and restaurants)

My favorite part to look for the best coffee shops and restaurants or brunch places (of course) where I would go. I like to try the local restaurants and taste some nice specialty food. If you have an allergy or you are on a special diet, I think much better to find some food places where you can eat and not hurry there when you are hangry. For me, definitely Instagram is the best to find places where I can eat very delish meals or drink good coffee and take some nice pictures.


7. Traveling (by car, public transport, bicycle, motor)

As I mentioned you have lots of options how you can travel to the place what you planned. But when you are there, you usually need to use something to go one place to another. I recommend to use public transport, car, bicycle, motorbike or just go by walk so you can feel like a local and explore the city like you live there. Last but not least, me and my boyfriend most of the time discover nice hidden places and coffee shops in this way. 🙂


8. Insurance

Usually, if you going on holiday, your first thoughts on it how you can switch off and enjoy your time. But anything could happen under you are spending your holiday so better to have an insurance. If you are an EU citizen you can apply for an EU
Health card which you get automatically and you can use it in the European countries if an accident happens with you. However, if you decided to choose a travel destination out of the EU, you can choose from lots of insurance options but I really recommend to get one, especially if you go somewhere the infections and diseases are easier to catch or you’d like to try some extreme sports.


+1. What to put in your suitcase (camera, comfortable clothes, ‘first aid’, documents)

I think it depends on a lot of things such as your personality, destination, the weather, how long is your trip etc.

I recommend to find out what you would like to back into your suitcase or backpack a few days before you leaving. I usually packing comfortable clothes which look nice on pictures 😛 I think really important to don’t pack too many clothes. I suggest putting your favorite comfortable clothes in your suitcase. Prepare your camera and it’s accessories, your body care stuff for example travel sizes for traveling. Girls! Don’t pack your whole make up collection especially if you are going to a place where the main program is chilling on the beach because you won’t use it.

Don’t forget about some pills and plasters in case something happens with you. And the most important to put your documents and boarding pass to your handbag.

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