Let’s be a little bit geek in Silicon Valley – Apple, Google, NASA and Stanford University

If you haven’t seen on my Instagram, me and my boyfriend, Ben went on a 12 days California road trip together which was on our bucket list so long and I’m so happy we experienced this together! šŸ™‚

Our flight was from London to Los Angeles and after we arrived, we jumped into the car in the next morning and started our road trip in California. The first stop was San Jose which is the center of Silicon Valley and you can find all the big startups and companies headquarters/campuses.

It’s got the name about producing and innovating large numbers of silicon chips but today, this is the home to many of the world’s biggest leader, high technology companies such as Google, Apple, NASA, Tesla, Yahoo!, Amazon and Uber.

Let’s see what we saw and we recommend to see if you visit this area.


1. Apple Park Visitor Center

We were so excited about the Apple Visitor Center (mostly my boyfriend who is an IOS developer) when we arrived some beautifully architectured buildings received us. In the Visitor Center, of course, you can find an amazing store where you can buy merch and limited edition Apple products. Besides that, they have a cool interior coffee shop where you can have a look on the menu and order some coffee or tea on an Ipad. (Woow! The future is here!) If you would like to see the new Apple ‘office’ which looks like a spaceshipĀ and they’ve just finished to buildĀ it, you can have a nice view from the rooftop. Unfortunately, now you can not visit the new building! The whole Apple Park looks like you are in the future, the architecture is so clear and modern, not to mention the beautiful olive trees which that surrounded the campus.



2. Google Campus

If you have seen the movie, The Internship, I’m sure you’d like to see this colorful and ‘fun park’ campus. This seemed more like a working place than Apple Campus and we can imagine when the employees areĀ chillinĀ in their lunch break on one of the colorful chairs. They have the opportunity to play volleyball or ride a dinosaur in their break, it sounds so much fun. I think it’s very nice to relax like this between two meetings in the office. I have no clue how does it like inside but in the movie was amazing so I can imagine how cool is the interior. We were walking around on the Campus when we finally find the Google bicycles.Ā These were my absolute favorite. Visitors are not allowed to try the bicycles becauseĀ there are only for employees but it would be such a big regret not to try it! (shhhhh!:D)



3. NASA Ames Research Center

Because both of us are big fans of the space, it wasn’t a question we need to visit the NASA Center. We find only two exhibitions which are open toĀ the public so we decided to go to the Ames Visitor Center where you can find so much information about NASA’s missions and projects. It is a self-guided tour exhibition but very informative and interesting to learn about the space and the astronauts. Last, but not least, you can watch the live NASA tv or see a piece of rock from the Moon. Oh, and the shop is amazing, especially for the NASA fans! šŸ˜›



4. Stanford University and Stanford Shopping Center

When we visited Stanford University it was so rainy but it didn’t ruin our experience. The whole campus is amazing and the buildings are like in a fairytale. Maybe you don’t know, but in the US you can’t go to uni for free and the prices are very high. Usually, the parents start to save money for it after their child was born. Stanford is one of the most famous universities in America and also one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions.

Near to the Campus, there is a shopping center where all the Stanford student chilling after uni. (I guess!) In this outdoor Shopping Center, you can find more like luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Chanel. We were on a mission to find a healthy, good quality food place after we ate some junk food on our way from LA to San Jose.

True Food Kitchen was amazing and they have more branches in the US so if you want to try something tasty and quality, I definitely recommend to try it. šŸ™‚



Check out our vlog down below about Silicon Valley. At the end of the vlog, we are chatting about our first expressions about America. But, I’m planning to summarize all the experiences about our trip to America and write about the differences between the US and Europe in one blog post. šŸ™‚ Our next destination was San Francisco, so stay tuned for the next blog post and vlog! šŸ™‚



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