Basik Cafe


When you are in the US, it’s not easy to keep balance in your health. My opinion, if you try to focus on, be conscious about what you eat, you just need to look for the best food places around you and you will definitely find some options. That’s how I find Basik Cafe. We were craving for something healthy so I checked Instagram and looked for a nice place in San Francisco.

When we arrived at Basik Cafe, there was a long line but it was fine because it’s so hard to choose from the amazing acai bowls. (You can see the menu on one of the pictures and link down below) So we decided to get the Puna which blended from acai, hemp milk, keahole grown spirulina and topped with granola, strawberries, local banana, organic hemp seed, fresh blueberries and a drizzle of local honey. The size of the bowl was quite big after we finished it we were full for hours. Basik Cafe has smoothies as well so if you fancy for something tasty and healthy, I recommend to try this place because I swear it was the best acai bowl what I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Check out Basik Cafe’s Instagram here and website here! 🙂


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