San Francisco – where architecture meets nature

Our California road trip next destination was San Francisco. I was so excited to see this city, especially the Golden Gate Bridge. We arrived to our accommodation at night and we went for a walk close to the motel.
The next day was our fourth day in the US, we woke up so early because of the jetlag and we decided to see the sunrise at Golden Gate Bridge. We were amazed by the view, it felt like unreal.

After this wonderful morning, we couldn’t wait to explore San Francisco. We drank some coffee at Philz Coffee to boost ourself for the day and ate the most delicious acai bowl for breakfast. (Check out my blog post about it here!)

One of the most popular places is Painted Ladies where you can see colorful Victorian houses which are appeared many movies and TV programmes. There is also a nice park where we chilled a little bit while we took some nice pictures about the Painted Ladies. My dream to live in one of them and my favorite was the pink house, of course.

The city was built in the San Francisco Bay on a hill so the routes and streets are so steep. When you are in the car, you feel like on a rollercoaster. I adored the architecture in San Francisco. There is an area where you surrounded by skyscrapers and another one where you can see those beautiful Victorian houses. Not to mention the closeness of nature so you can feel the big city atmosphere while you have the opportunity to stay close to nature.

We went for a walk in the Presidio which is a huge park and there are many things to do. We choose a path to go to see the Golden Gate Bridge again, the view while you walking is so pretty. I think this is a very popular weekend program even for locals too.

A compulsory program is to see and try the cable car in San Francisco which is so cool when it is going up and down on the hills. I’m not sure the locals are using it or not, but it’s really popular attraction for tourist.

The most amazing architecture what I didn’t expect to see was the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. This is a monumental structure which was made for the 1915 Pana Pacific Exposition in order to exhibit works and presence art. Only a few structures left here but these pieces are incredible. It remembers me to the Greek architecture and it’s not a coincidence because the designer was inspired by the Roman and Ancient Greek architecture. I can’t believe how stunning the art could be.

In the area of Fisherman’s Wharf, we visited the Pier 39 where the seals are chilling all day on the sun. (such a life) There is a market where you can taste some yummy local foods. I tried the local ‘shrimp and garlic fries’ which was so delicious. OMG! You need to try it!

My favorite in San Francisco was definitely the presence of architecture and nature at the same time. After we discovered this amazing city we jumped into the car again and started our journey to Santa Barbara.

Check out our vlog about San Francisco 🙂


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