Santa Barbara and Malibu – where you can find perfect beaches

On our way back to LA from San Francisco, we stopped in Santa Barbara and Malibu to rest a little bit because of the long ride ( from SF to LA 6,5-7hours, but we slept in Grover Beach). We spend few hours in Santa Barbara to discover the beach and have lunch at an amazing restaurant with ocean view. (Check out my post about Boathouse at Henry’s Beach)

In Santa Barbara, we didn’t do any touristic things, only chilled on the beach and went to see the Chase Palm Park which is basically next to the ocean. We looked around on the Stearns Wharf where you can find some restaurants, souvenir shops and parking which was quite interesting on a dock.

Finally, we felt the real California sun after some rainy days so we were sitting on the beach for a couple of hours and enjoyed every moment.

After Santa Barabara, we jumped into the car to go to Malibu and see the sunset. We almost missed this beautiful few minutes but luckily we saw the sun to go down.

But now, I let the pictures speak to you! 🙂 And down below you can find our vlog about this trip.

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