Bondi Harvest

On our California road trip, we tried a lot of brunch places which (of course) I found on Instagram and blogs. One of my favorites was Bondi Harvest in Santa Monica where we ate amazing food in a nice place. As my ‘job’ to take pictures of the food and place was so easy because the interior is so cool and there is so much light. Especially our plate was so organized and colorful so if you are an Insta fan this is absolutely your place.

But now, about the food. We ordered two Bondi Breakfast from the brunch menu. It consists two eggs (you can choose fried, scrambled, poached), bacon, roast tomato, tabasco mushrooms with kale and avocado served with multigrain toast. Yummmm! I loved the mushrooms with kale, I’ve never tried this option before. The bacon was crispy exactly how I like it.
We also drank some coffee because breakfast without coffee doesn’t exist for me so we decided to have a cup of cappuccino with oat milk and an americano.

For dessert, we shared the Sweet Squash Pancake which was served with sweet avocado, housemade granola, berries and mint. The sweet avocado sounded so interesting so we really wanted to taste it and it was the best idea because these pancakes were so-so yummy and delicious.

They have gluten free options and I think easy to ask for vegan options too.

Bondi Harvest is more like about lifestyle, living well and finding the perfect balance. (and you can find the perfect brunch 🙂

Check out Bondi Harvest menu and locations here! 🙂

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