Los Angeles – Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier

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So, I’m finally back and I have more pictures from California, Los Angeles which I’d like to share with you!

When I was looking at these pictures I started missing this place so bad, especially because Ben and I would like to move to the US, Califonia next year!

Why is Los Angeles one of my favorite cities on Earth? Let me show you two cool parts of LA to explain. When we were in the US, we stayed 4 days in the city. On the first day, we visited Venice Beach and Santa Monica which are the most popular beaches in LA. After our LA, San Francisco road trip we didn’t want to spend any more days in the car, so after we ate a delish breakfast in Cos and Pi nearby Alhambra where our Airbnb was. Then we headed straight to Venice Beach to explore a little bit and to enjoy the sun.

Venice and Santa Monica have the coolest coffee shops, restaurants and street art(more posts are coming about my favs). Of course, we visited the Venice sign to take some pictures and went to see the skateboarding park on the beach. There are lots of artistic performers and small shops that sell souvenirs and almost everything you don’t need. From Venice Beach, we walked to the Santa Monica Pier (1hour) to see the amusement park. We only took some funny pictures of us in the picture booth, where you sit in it, make funny faces and it prints the pictures for you. I always wanted to try one. 😛

There are lots of people hanging out on the beach, locals, and tourists too. It was a very good experience to see how free people feel here. Actually, on our whole California trip, we noticed that people don’t care about how they look like, or how they need to behave (follow strict rules) in Cali. I mean they have rules of course what they need to keep but I am talking about the atmosphere and the life they live. It makes you feel you can do and reach anything in life, you don’t need to worry about what other people think or how your circumstances are.

We met nice people (most of them were migrants), who love to live in sunny California. We are living in London now, so I can understand that feeling when the sun is out and your mood is so much better every single day. But can you imagine the sun is always shining and you are always in a very positive mood? Ben and I have such a positive, energetic and happy personalities so I don’t know what will happen if we move to LA. 😀

Oh, and we have a vlog about Venice and Santa Monica! 🙂 (check it out down below)


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