Trip to the Fabulous Las Vegas

Hello Lovelies!

When we were planning our US trip, we definitely would like to see Las Vegas in Nevada which was 4 and a half hours driving from Los Angeles. We woke up early in the morning and we were absolutely ready for this 2 days Las Vegas craziness.
Our way from LA to Las Vegas was so fast because the landscape was amazing and we were amazed by it, you know the wind blown dry bushes on the road in the american western movies… exactly like that.

We immediately noticed when we arrived because huge casinos emerged in the middle of the desert and our hotel was something  I’ve never seen before.. The shape of the hotel is a big piramid (the theme was the Egytian culture) and the hotel inside looks like a small town where you can find everything so if you would like to stay in the hotel for days you don’t need to even leave it. We had more restaurants, coffee shops (of course Strabucks), spa, gym, exibitions, and slot machines and the hotel’s own cashino. ‘Fun’  fact what I didn’t like: you are allowed to smoke inside of the hotel.

Then we were so excited to walk on and see the famous Las Vegas Strip which is a road what bisect the city. If you are going through it all long you’ve seen everything!
First we saw ‘New York’ then ‘Paris’ and ‘Venice’ which are copies of the real cities in Monopoly edition.
Besides that we visited the Bellagio Hotel and it’s famous fountain and the Caesars Palace. There are some big shopping centres where you can find mostly high end brands and the architecture of these buildings are so beautiful. I can’t repeat myself.. everything is HUGE.

One of my favorite part in Las Vegas was the Coca-Cola Store where you can taste different Coca-Cola and it’s brands (like Fanta) flavours from the world. (check out our vlog about it below) I loved the pineapple and melon ones, pls tell me if you know where to find these.
My biggest suprise was, lots of families visit the city for the weekend to chill a little bit and hang out. I though it’s only for party and drinking as you can see in the american movies. Although, Ben and me don’t like to party hard anymore and drinking alcohol but we really enjoyed our time here.
Ohh, btw, we tried the gambling but we dind’t like it. I guess bacause we don’t know how to play, so if you know how to use the slot machines, pls tell us. 😀


New York

Coca-Cola Store and tasting



Venice and Sephora

Caesar Palace

Gambling in Luxor Hotel

The ‘Welcome in Faboulos Las Vegas’ Sign (in real life).

Luxor Hotel, where our accomodation was.


Our vlog about Las Vegas! 🙂

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