Ibiza – 25th birthday party and the most beautiful beaches

We celebrated our 25th birthdays in Ibiza last week. (Fun fact: between Ben and me only four days) This was the perfect place because everyone knows Ibiza is famous for its parties but actually, you can rest as well and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful beaches. So we went out at night and during the day we rest on the beach or by the pool.

I need to mention our amazing hotel (Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza) which is just opened a few weeks ago when we arrived. We decided to stay here because of the interior design, both of us loved it at first sight. You cannot resist taking photos all the time that’s how cool is the place.

Usually, we started the day with a huge yummy breakfast on the hotel terrace by the pool. Omg! Did you ever taste the Spanish Omelette? My new favorite meal for breakfast. It’s made from potatoes, onion and eggs. You definitely need to try it.

Then we were chilling by the pool and drank a cup of coffee in the hotel’s bar. In the afternoon we went to one of the beautiful beaches which were so hard to choose in Ibiza there are many breathtaking beaches so far. My favorite thing to do is sunbathing and swimming for hours in the sea. I love to dive under the blue water and explore it. As an extremely white person who is living in the UK, I totally needed some sun and I am so happy because I got a little tan. Yay!

We found a lovely place, called Cotton Beach Club which was so elegant and nice. While we enjoyed our cocktails and the beautiful view they were playing live music in the beach club. It was an awesome experience.

One night at the hotel, they had a silence movie night so we decided to try that which was so cool except a crazy girl came down to us to say ‘We should be in quiet’ haha it was a silent movie! ­čśÇ

Of course, went out in Ibiza. Ushuaia was the most recommended club so we went there to Harwell’s party. This club has a pool in the middle and airplanes┬áwere flying above the club all the time. The party was so crazy and an unforgettable experience for sure.

I always loved Spain and the Spanish culture (especially food:P) but after Ibiza, I really fell in love with it. I’m sure we will go back next summer.




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