Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza

Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza is where we stayed on our holiday and I thought I show you some pictures about it because this hotel is the most incredible place where I’ve ever stayed in my life.

The hotel is located in Sant Antonia Bay which is famous for its sunsets. Paradiso’s amazing interior is so unique and each of the rooms are perfectly designed. All room has Marshall Speakers to put you in the party mood and you can cool down your drinks in the Smeg fridge. If you don’t want to go out to a club, you can enjoy yourself in the room and party hard with the coolest neon lights. The very colorful and stylish furniture make you feel in the 70’s while you still can feel you are in the future.

If you fancy about some (more) cocktails, food or a cup of coffee you can order in Andy’s Food and Drink Bar. The hotel’s breakfast is so good, they have the amazing Spanish Omelette, pastries, ham, cheese and many selections of fruits which I think it’s rare in an all you can eat/buffet breakfast.

The pool area is also so well-designed with the pink and blue pool surrounded by the most luxurious beds to rest and drink a cocktail. Sometimes a Dj also playing so it feels like you are in a beach club. The outside area is very colorful as well mostly the pink colors is dominate but the green cactuses are perfectly matching into this atmosphere.

They have this special room in the hotel, it’s called the ‘Zero Suite Project’ which is a room in the hotel’s lobby area just a few meters from the main door and the room walls made from glass so it’s totally see-through, only the bathroom is private. The craziest thing about it you can stay one night in this room for free. What do you think could you sleep here while everyone watching you? I am not sure. 😀

In the night, Paradiso became an even more entertaining place where they organize Silent Movie Nights or a Dj comes to play music so can dance and enjoy your cocktails.

Check out their website for more information! Paradiso Art Hotel Ibiza

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Vlog about our Ibiza trip:

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