Formentera – the bluest water and pink beaches

When we were planning our trip to Ibiza I was sure I’d like to go to see Formentera. Especially after I saw a post on Pinterest about the pink beaches in Europe.

So it wasn’t a question we need to see it. I heard the water is so clear but when we arrived I couldn’t believe my eyes.

But let’s start with how we got to this wonderful beach… it wasn’t easy at all.

We bought a ticket in Ibiza to Formentera and we were on the next boat.. that was easy.

When we arrived we went after the crowd because I was 100% sure they are going to the beach… hmmm not really. Everyone rented a bicycle, motorbike or something to go there or somewhere. I thought it’s not that far so we started walking…because it’s only a small island, isn’t it?

We were walking almost half an hour in the 40 degrees, at 12.AM when Ben checked on Google map where is the beach. Okay… so there are more beautiful beaches where you can go into the water, swim and sunbathing but Ben looked out the MOST beautiful part of the island which was more 40 minutes walk far away. I told him we don’t need to go there because the beaches are the same everywhere here… nice beach, you can swim and that’s all. But he insisted to go there, to Playa de Illetas. Actually I though he wants to ask to marry him because I didn’t understand why is it so important to go there. Keep calm nothing happened, it was only my overheated brain. 😀

When we realized it would be better to rent something or get a taxi… there was no change to find something… we were in the middle of nowhere in the HOT weather on the way to the beach so I absolutely recommend to get a taxi at the port because it was so cheap (one way is 10 euros)… and easy. That’s how we went back to the port.

So after we walked for 1 hour or more in the ‘desert’ we finally arrived and the view was amazing. I’m so lucky because I’ve seen more beaches in my life… but this one was the most incredible what I’ve ever seen. The bluest water, the softest pink sand in my toes… like a dream.

We spent the whole day here, just chilling, tanning, diving in the sea. Doing my favorite things with my favorite person in the whole world..


Vlog about our Ibiza-Formentera trip! 🙂

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