The most Instagram-worthy places in Los Angeles

Venice Beach – The famous Venice sign is perfect to take a cool pic to let your friends/followers know where are you in LA.

Hollywood Sign – This photo was taken at the Griffith Observatory where you have a breathtaking view of the amazing Griffith Park and of course the Hollywood Sign. Did you know that its purpose was to advertise properties are sold in that area in the ’20s?

LACMA – ‘Urban lights’ is a constant exhibition in the Museum area which is the most beautiful when the lights on. This place is so popular among bloggers to take those Instagram or blog post pictures in their nice outfits.

On Melrose Avenue, you can find more options to get that 10000 likes worthy Insta picture. One of my favorites is this ‘Made in LA’ wall. I wish… haha

Melrose Avenue – Taking a picture at the Paul Smith Pink Wall is such a big phenomenon. Probably you need to queue but totally worth to take that Insta famous pic if you are in LA.

Melrose Avenue – This fruity, flowery wall is just opposite the Paul Smith Pink Wall so if you go there definitely a clever idea to shot another pic to Insta. The more the better, isn’t it?

LA streets are full of palm trees so you can find a good location almost everywhere to get a cool photo. This time we were so creative and not only shot with the palm trees but tried to take the famous #followme picture with my boyfriend.

And my all-time favorite to shot some outfit pictures with the beautiful palm trees. (Oh and of course I am wearing my California sweatshirt. Wow I am such a basic btch)

I wrote this post with a little sarcasm because it’s so funny to think about what we can do for a nice Insta pic. Especially when I remember I made some of these pictures in the rain while my boyfriend was standing under an umbrella taking pictures about me. So much thank you for his persistence and patience. (love you)

Besides that I love taking pictures to Instagram, it is definitely my place to share my creativity with the world.  I hope you got some inspiration and tips where to go in LA to get the best Insta worthy photos.

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