The real stories behind my Insta photos

I’d like to share some real stories about how my Instagram pictures were taken. Most of you probably know when you try to catch the perfect moment and take the perfect photo to social media because everyone shares only the happiest moments, the best selfies and the most beautiful travel pictures. Some of my photos have a very funny story behind it or were taken in a very strange or spontaneous situation. Let’s see. 🙂

This photo with Ben looks so adjusted but it’s a very spontaneous photo. I was taking photos of him and his friend to promote their company. His friend, Kristof was checking the pictures which I took about them and he took this picture about us while we were cuddling. He took only one photo of us… this one. 🙂

This photo was taken in Los Angeles. May you see some raindrops and my wet hair on the pictures. It’s because it was pouring rain when I decided I’d like to take some pictures on Melrose Avenue (it was our last day in LA) where there are lots of ‘Insta pictures’ opportunities. Ben was on the mission to find a parking place so I jumped out of the car and I went to the famous Paul Smith pink wall. I tried to take a selfie in front of the wall so fast because of the rain when a lovely girl came to me and told me she can take a photo of me if I will take a photo of her. So we did it. It was so funny because his boyfriend also tried to find a parking place but when he and Ben found one we finished so the guys got away from the photo shooting.

This picture was made by Ben, almost in the same situation as the previous one. You can see on the pic the wall is wet and I was standing in the rain while Ben was under an umbrella and taking pictures of me. There were two more girls at the wall so we were taking pictures in turn. Thank you for Ben, he always or almost always is so patient.

I had to share one of my food flatlays with you because my friends always joking with me when we eat somewhere and of course I take some pictures of the food. They say: that’s why you don’t have any friends… 😀 You cannot eat until I didn’t take a photo… which takes only a few minutes…sorry!

I was on holiday with my family in Croatia when I asked my sister to take some outfit photos of me. I told my fam we are going on a walk and shoot some pics. Then they decided to come with us but I didn’t want them to come. First, it was 38 degrees and second, it’s not 2 minutes to take outfit pictures. But they wanted to come… After 10 minutes of walking in the hot weather, we found a nice place and my parents were already tired. My sister took some pictures of me while my parents were laying on a bench behind her. I told them they can go home but they insisted to stay until we finish and we can explore more part of the town.

She is my best friend, Bogi, my favorite photographer. She is always ready to take some nice pictures of me, I think sometimes she enjoys it more than me. She is so great because she tells me how to stand or hold my bag to take the best pictures. Time flies in good company so on this day, after we took minimum 150 pictures about only one look we took this selfie. Basically, I have only a few pictures with my friends because when we go out we have fun and feel good so I always forget to take any pictures with them. But in this case, it’s very good.

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