Élan Café


Probably you have seen this lovely place, Élan Café all over Instagram. So after I saw the most beautiful pictures about it, I thought I need to try it and see.

I went with my 3 friends and we didn’t reserve any table so it was quite risky they have seats for immediately or we need to queue but we went in the early morning (about 9 am) so we were lucky.

They had only one free table which was so small for four of us and one of my friends seated next to a strange person but we were so happy to get the table. After we ordered, the food arrived so fast and actually, I was so impressed by the prices because I expected it will be more expensive but it’s totally normal in London.

I ordered a cup of cappuccino and my friends chose the lemonade which was something that we got in primary school, so simple but tasted good. I tried the Acai bowl which was beautiful and delicious. The acai wasn’t too sweet and the granola was so crunchy, how I like it. 🙂

My friends chose the Avocado on sourdough, Eggs on English muffin and the Pan-fried banana bread. They said it was very tasty but they stayed a little bit hungry.

As you can see on the pictures Élan Café definitely worth a visit to take nice pictures. In my opinion the food is very good as well I can recommend to try their breakfast menu, coffees or the incredible cakes. We were in the Brompton Road location which is bigger than the Park Lane one but it was busy. I recommend reserving a table because after we left (about 11 am) the queue was quite long.

Check out Élan Café website here and Instagram here.

If you go there, don’t forget to tag them on social media to give a chance to be featured on their site. 🙂

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