My autumn wardrobe essentials

Hello, my loves!

Finally, we can enjoy the chilly weather now and layer our clothes which is my absolute favorite. I thought I show you some key pieces from my autumn wardrobe. Some of them are part of my wardrobe for years now but I also have a few new pieces what I can wear for the next years. I prefer those clothes which are timeless, match with everything and always make you feel pretty and comfortable.

Let’s see my favorites. 🙂


  1. Grey Elegant Coat – or any color. With an elegant, long coat you will always look stylish and professional. You can style with everything, it will be a key piece of your wardrobe for years so definitely purchase for a nice one. Especially, in autumn/winter when you go somewhere people see you first in your coat, that’s why I like to have 2-3 nice coats in my closet.


2. Cigarette Trousers. You definitely need a black pair in your wardrobe for the interviews or company dinners with your colleges. But this year I got a check print one which is so on trend now and adds a little twist to your outfit.


3. Chunky Knitwear. I think everyone has some knitwear but better to buy some nice, quality ones which will be your best friends on the cold days. I have some basic colors like white and grey, but I recommend to get some brighter colors as this dusty pink to make you happy and alive on the gloomy days.


4. Socks Boots. This trend started last year and still one of my favorite ones. Having cold feet not the best choice but for special events like a date night with your love is perfect. It makes every outfit so elegant and I think black pairs last for years.


5. Leather Skirt – or fake leather. I purchased this black (fake) leather skirt 2 or 3 years ago and I still love it so much. It makes any outfit more special. I like to play with textures, especially in winter and the leather a very good option for this. Wear it with a big jumper and boots, you don’t need to match it with girly clothes.


6. Men Shoes. I always had an obsession for ‘men’ shoes or someone calls them ugly shoes but for me, it’s so elegant and makes my outfit more professional. I just can’t wear ballerinas in cold weather.


7. Flare Trousers. Ohh, I never thought I will wear flare trousers again after the skinny jeans craziness. In my childhood, the more flare was the better. 😀 Now, I don’t know but I love this trend again and in my opinion, this cut is more feminine than the skinny one. It fits so amazing on so many women. I know it’s weird after the skinny but try on one and I’m sure you will love it too.


8. Big Scarf. Having a big scarf in autumn is a must have. I like to wrap into myself and use it as a blanket. Keeps me so cozy and warm. Love it!


9. Culotte Trousers. Culottes are on trend for a few years now and it makes any outfit cooler or elegant depending on what you wearing with. You can wear with sneakers and big sweatshirts or high heels and a nice shirt. Good for any occasion and so flattering on everyone. Purchase a timeless color like black or a shepherd check print (like mine on the pic but the print is too tiny so you can’t see).


10. Leather Jacket (not black). I know everyone has a leather jacket in her wardrobe but two years ago when it was the time to get a new one I decided to buy a white leather jacket. I was thinking so much about the color but after 2 years I didn’t regret it. I can wear with anything and give a little coolness to any outfit. I recommend changing the good, old black one for a different color like white, red, burgundy or any pastel colors.


11. Turtle Neck Jumper. I am not saying turtleneck is for everyone but it can be a good, key piece in your wardrobe. I have this burgundy, very autumnal color and I can wear with jeans on the weekdays or wear with a suit on special occasions.


12. Check Blazer. The check print is so popular now but I think it’s always on trend so definitely worth to get one. I recommend simple colors which match with everything. I wear it with a t-shirt and jeans or I make it elegant with cigarette trousers and I am ready for any meeting or interview.


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