6 tips to beat winter depression

Lots of people get depressed in winter because of the dark, short days and it’s so hard to put on enough layer not to be cold. I’d like to talk about the winter blues and how to beat it because this is something that I personally affected in this season and I know I am not alone.

Life isn’t easy anyway… but when it’s cold and dark for days and weeks, this can get you down. But what can you do to feel yourself again? I’d like to share some tips that can help you. Winter depression affects everyone differently so what worked for me, maybe won’t work for you. But there is always something that will help, don’t give up after the first failure, try again and you will find something to put you back to the right mood! 🙂

1. Keep yourself active and go outside

Being active and exercise is very important in our lives, mostly in the autumn-winter season. If you don’t like to go to the gym, my tip to go for a daily walk in the morning or the middle of the day, it will be nice to get some fresh air and natural light, especially go out on brighter days. My favorite things to do in autumn is going for a trip and hike in the mountains and go skating in winter.

If you feel you need more than this, you can go for a light therapy that you can find in any wellness center.

2. Keep yourself warm and cozy

Being cold may make you more depressed and grumpy so staying warm can reduce it. I hate to be cold and when it’s -10 degrees, it’s so hard to keep yourself warm. My tip is layer as many clothes as you can and wear a warm beanie, gloves, and a big scarf. If you go out drink some hot chocolate or tea and keep yourself warm with delicious food from the Christmas Market.

I like to go for a wellness weekend with Ben or with my family. It makes me so calm and peaceful. The hot tub and sauna keep you warm and it’s also good for your health.

3. Eat healthily

I am sure you heard about that if you eat healthy food it will boost your energy and your mood too. It will help you to stop putting on more weight, try to balance your cravings for unhealthy food with veggies and fruits. If you want to eat a little bit more and heavier meals than usual, it’s absolutely fine in winter.

My favorite meal in the morning is a nice warm porridge with fruits, nuts, and honey.

4. Find a new hobby

Keep your mind active as well with a new interest. It could be anything, such as dancing, knitting, drawing, painting or playing chess. Just focus on something that you like and do it regularly.

Decorating your home with DIY pieces is a good idea and you can look around on Pinterest to find some inspiration. Have fun!

5. Get a little me time

It’s very important to don’t forget about yourself. Listen to your inner voice what you really want to do. Nice to focus on yourself and your goals. But don’t stress, try to do some yoga, meditate, read your favorite book and listen to some music. In the night drink a cup of tea, get cozy under a blanket on your sofa and watch a movie.

I love to have a nice bath, it makes me so relaxed. And last but not least I sleep so well after it. Don’t forget about to sleep enough at winter but try to keep yourself for the maximum 8 hours.

6. See your family and friends

Socializing is very good to your mental health and helps to avoid the grey weather and bad mood. Keep in touch with your family and friends even if you only go for a little while. It’s hard to leave your home when it’s freezing but it’s definitely worth it. Having a fun night with your friends or playing board games with your family, there is nothing to compensate that.

If you still feel alone with your problem, be brave and talk about it with a friend or family member. Everyone can feel a little bit depressed, especially at this season and if you just talk about it, it can help you.

+1 Enjoy the festive season

Most of us love the Christmas season but it comes with lots of stress. Try to not worry about the presents, the Christmas menu and find the perfect tree. This season is about to spend more time with family and friends, have fun together. No one cares about the chicken which is a little bit burnt.

Me and my boyfriend not giving presents to each other and to our family for the second year now. We prefer to spend this money on a bigger trip, or visit our family in Hungary and get some lovely experiences together. So please don’t worry about the money and big presents, if you still would like to give something, give some little, personal gifts or experiences. Your grandma is happy to see you doesn’t care about any present.

I hope you found my tips useful and you will beat the winter blues easier. 🙂 Enjoy this magical season!


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