Greenwich GRIND – great coffee and pink neon lights

If you are in London, you definitely need to stop at one of the Grind locations and try their flat white or have a delish breakfast. There are five options around the city in the most popular areas where you can get a little caffeine shot to wake you up in the morning (or afternoon).

All Grind has nice staff and lovely but cool interior design. So-So Instagrammable. I adore the pink neon lights and the pink menu, it’s quite hard to resist to take some pictures.

When I saw a new Grind opened in Greenwich which is the closest one to us, of course, I visited with Ben to check it out. Our plan was to have a cup of coffee and work a little bit but there was no wifi. (wow!)

After I got my soy flat white and Ben his cappuccino with three (3!) shots, I decided to try the Hot Apple Crumble which was amazing. I love everything with apple but this one with the caramel sauce and ice-cream is a big winner.

Most of the Grind locations are an espresso bar during the day and cocktail bar at night. The Greenwich Grind more like a family place but also some young entrepreneurs or students were drinking their coffee there. If you would like to chill a little bit or have a chat with your friends in a nice environment, I definitely recommend the Grind. 🙂

Check out the Grind locations on the website and their Instagram for some coffee inspiration.



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