One year in London – my honest opinion

Where can I start?

Probably you know the story of why I moved to the UK after my graduation, last year. But long story short I thought I need to live in a more open-minded country than Hungary with more opportunities. Besides that, I have been in a long distance relationship for 6 months with my boyfriend, Ben so it was the time to decide what’s next…

After I moved to London, we moved into a nice flat, I found a job quite quickly and I was so happy to be here especially because London was my all time favorite city. Of course, to be a tourist so different than living here, and I realized soon I can forget so easily how much I love London during the busy weekdays.

My new job was fine (sales assistant at fashion retail company), I was working the same while I was at uni so it was easy and comfortable. Meanwhile, I was looking for something else, a better opportunity, mostly office jobs related to my university degree or something more creative. I just tried to find my career path as many young people in their twenties. After trying but not trying enough hard, I accepted I am working this, I loved the team and I could use my creativity on my blog.

In spring I find out I’d like to create something more exciting because I felt so bored at work. I always wanted to create something like Style and Note.Co, my webshop. I was busy to work on it on my own. On my days off, I was working on my blog (+sometimes vlogs and now IGtv videos) and my webshop. Then I launched Style and Note. Co in April and finally my baby was born and I was so happy. Control a brand and doing all the stuff on your own it’s not easy but I LOVE to do it. The problem was when I went to work my thoughts was on the brand and I felt I am wasting time to go to work instead of spending my time building my brand. After I set up the whole webshop and my blog alone I realized I can do much more. I decided to focus on to find a new job and live from that, my webshop and my blog.

I left my previous job, but I realized soon it’s not easy to find a job with your uni degree abroad (or in your own country too) so I went back to part-time to have enough time to do my brand, my blog and social media, my real passion and I cannot be bored doing these things. While I am doing the webshop, it’s branding, social media, and lots more stuff behind the scenes, I still try to find the perfect job until I can live from my website (and one day my blog too) but you know London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, even if we don’t want to live here forever.

I’d like to tell you it’s not easy here. When you came from another country you definitely need to start everything from the beginning and it’s really hard. Coming from a good family it was and still so hard to me to accept the fact I am only another migrant here. ( I don’t say it in a negative way) It really reduced my confidence, I need to work something that I don’t like and not connecting to my degree at all because I believe I would get a more qualified job at home (in Hungary for sure but for less money). You believe or not, there are lots of people in London who are not here because they can’t get a good job in their country and they are not here for the money. They are here for better opportunities, open-minded thinking, cultural diversity, better quality of life.

So why am I still here and what’s my plan?

The shortest answer is love. The longer version is because I don’t want to give up until I didn’t try enough. They say the first year is the hardest and that was my first one. I don’t want to tell you I don’t think about to move back home, it’s always on my mind. On my hardest days, my only thoughts to go back home to my loving and supporting family. But it would be too easy and if you want a better life, a better you, you need to challenge yourself.

In your hardest times, you want to do that doesn’t need any effort from you. Your brain tries to find the easiest way which may not the best for you. Good and big changes happen when you go out of your comfort zone. You cannot get an easy and happy life without trying, make mistakes and try again… Sometimes you need to be down and unhappy to appreciate the good days. Human beings meant to survive, you will always try again and never give up. I am a very positive but sensitive person and sometimes I have very deep moments like everybody. My advice is to try to think about why you are in a bad mood and how can you feel better. It always helps me.

But at the end, I can tell you I feel at home in London. I love the London life, you can’t be bored, you always can go somewhere and you can meet amazing people. I still try to find my way in life but I need to learn how to be more patient because good things take time. London is the land of opportunities and I would be stupid if I move back home. I have so many good ideas, big dreams and they are waiting to be accomplished. Let’s see what the future brings me. 🙂

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