Richmond Park – Back to nature

One of my favorite moments/trips of the year was definitely to Richmond Park. Before the New Year, I’d like to show you some pictures (that I actually forget to post but now! ūüėÄ ) because this park is so special and gave us some unforgettable memories. The reason why we decided to go there was we felt a little bit lost in the big city life surrounded by high buildings everywhere. We are lucky because Greenwich is so close to us where you can also find green area but we were craving for something new, out of the city.

After one our on the District line, we arrived in Richmond Upon Thames where we never been before. This is basically still London, but you feel so far from the crowded, busy city life. Richmond is more like a small English town and we loved it. You can browse around in the little shops, have a cup of coffee in one of the local cafés and the architecture is amazing. After a little walk from the tube station, we arrived in the Park. We got lost, explored the park and tried to enjoy the fresh air, sunlight, nature and each other company. My favorite part was when we saw some raindeers in the park, they were so friendly, my favorite beautiful creatures in the whole world.

When we were sitting on the tube back to home, I realized we need to do it more, or come back soon because we felt so refreshed after this, and not only our body but our mind too. Sometimes it’s not easy to empty your mind and forget about everything in this fast, busy world. When I try to switch off, I usually use the Calm app which is a meditation app, but sometimes I feel only to listen to the voice of the nature such as rain, wind, singing birds and the waving sea, it makes me so calm and peaceful. Before this trip to Richmond, I grabbed my phone to use the app and I was thinking about how funny I listen to the voice of nature on my phone instead of going out, travel and explore. I am so lucky because I am in a situation when I can travel a lot but of course, not that many times as I want.

One of my New Year goals in 2019 is to connect more with the mother nature, travel and see the world, swim in the oceans, hike mountains. I believe we came from nature and we belong there.


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