M&S Plant Kitchen Launch Party – Nothing brings people together like good food

I am always happy to try out new healthy food options, especially when it’s comfort food. As a working woman, who loves to eat, it is always a problem to find enough time to cook proper meals for myself and Ben. I was so glad when M&S invited me to their Plant Kitchen Street Food Festival where I could try some dishes from the new vegan-friendly range that they just launched.

I usually enjoy balancing my diet with plant-based foods and try amazing meat-free options. I believe you should eat what your body requires but be aware of eating healthy foods like lots of veggies and fruits and not too much meat. Balance is the key.

I loved the design of the M&S launch party, every detail was so amazing, one of my favs was the runner on the table decorated with veggies and fruits (see below on the second picture). Me and Ben tried the No Beef Burger with coleslaw, the No chic’n Nuggets which taste like the real ones. Then, we went for the first-to-market vegan sourdough Margeritha Pizza that was so delish, and we tasted the Soya Iced Coffee and some healthy shots such as Charcoal and Apple, Ginger and Apple. Everything tasted delicious so if you are thinking about to go vegan or eat more plant-based, these meals are a good option to transition with.

If you would like to try out the new vegan range of M&S check the nearest store to you and find more info here!

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