My week in pictures – What I ate for breakfast

I asked you on Instagram stories, are you interested in a ‘What I ate for breakfast?’ post and 100% of you said yes, so here you are! 🙂 You know I LOVE breakfast so it definitely was a pleasure to document from Monday to Friday. I usually eat the same every week, sometimes it changes but basically, I have 5-6 favorites that I always eat. What I make depend on how much time I have in the morning or what I want to eat. But one thing that I always have in the morning is COFFEE.


Monday: Avocado Toast

In the past two years, I started to like avocado but I can eat it only with salt and tomato on top. Actually, I used to hate the taste of it but after I tried some different options this became my favorite.


Tuesday: Porridge with Honey and Raspberries

This is my all-time favorite breakfast in the cold weather. I always make it with almond milk then I add some honey and raspberry to it. I love the composition of the sweet honey and sour raspberries.


Wednesday: French Toast with Soured Cream and Cheese

This is a Hungarian, salty french toast which is basically bread dipped in eggs and fried in oil. So delicious. I love to put some extra on top, usually sourced cream and cheese.

Thursday: Banana Pancake with Blueberries, Nuts, and Honey

When I am craving something sweet I like to make some banana pancakes. It is a good option to use all your ripped bananas. I usually use one banana, add one egg and one spoon of flour and a little bit cinnamon (for one person). I put some crushed nuts, honey and some blueberries on top. Yummmm


Friday: Egg Cream Sandwich

It takes a little bit more time to make it so usually, I prefer to make this egg cream the previous night. I boil water and put the eggs in it for 8 minutes when it’s cooled down I cut up the eggs to small pieces and I add some mayo, salt, pepper and sometimes onion or garlic powder. I put it into the fridge for the night and in the morning I am so happy to start the day with this delicious breakfast!


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