Vintage World – Flowers, Coffee and Brunch

May you remember my post about Vintage World, this lovely flower and coffee shop in my hometown, Debrecen. Since they opened, the owners always try to find out new things like workshops and a few months ago they started to serve breakfast too. I love to support businesses that are unique, doing something special and provide a great experience with their service.

When you arrive at Vintage World, the first you will see is a beautiful decoration from flowers and a cute bicycle that is covered with flowers too. In the shop, you can buy beautiful presents, amazing Yankee Candles, and the most beautiful live flowers or foam roses in boxes, just like on the pictures on Instagram. Which girl wouldn’t want a rose box like this?

Me and my friend, Bogi are big fans of brunch so I invited her to try out the new Vintage World breakfast together. On the menu you can find so many options, you definitely need a couple of minutes to decide. Most of the time I go for something sweet like pancakes (okay, every time) but this day I was fancy for something salty. I chose the Eggs Benny which contains ham and two poached eggs on English muffins with hollandaise sauce on top. This was such an amazing and tasteful combination. For our sweet tooth, we tried some Macarons too. We chose the white chocolate, pistachio and strawberry flavors. The Macarons were so perfect and delicious so I can’t decide which one was my favorite. Bogi tasted the Croque Avocat from the menu which was an oven baked sandwich stuffed with avocado and cheese served some tomatoes on the side. She liked it because it was so cheesy, not only on top but inside as well. We drank some hot tea beside our breakfast which was so nice to have after our walk on the high street in the cold weather.

The atmosphere, as always, was so lovely and the staff was so friendly and helpful. I recommend you to visit Vintage World if you go to Debrecen. Honestly, it’s like a sweet jewelry box. Thanks for having us, we will definitely go back again.

Check out Vintage World’s website here or follow them on Instagram! 🙂


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