Á la Maison Budapest – Breakfast and Brunch in Style

I am in a nostalgic mood when I am writing this post because my first post was about Á la Maison two years ago when I started to write this blog. One of the reasons why ‘Inspired life by Jutta’ was born is my interest in food, especially in breakfast and brunch. Á la Maison was my first experience how delicious and beautiful can be my breakfast. Eating breakfast wasn’t my favorite as a kid or teenager when I was on the rush to school. After I grow up and my personality changed, I started to focus on eating healthy, learned how to cook and understood why breakfast is so important in the morning. After all, it became my favorite meal in the day and pleasure to spend some time with my friends while we are having brunch.

Á la Maison is moved to another location since I was there. The restaurant is redesigned in a modern and elegant style, the interior is so delicate, the grey velvet furniture with gold details and marble tables are an absolute winner for me. I wish my future dining room will look like this.

The menu contains so many special options. There are different Belgian waffles, American pancakes, French toast for sweet teeth and salty options such as the Hungarian french toast, salty waffles, Lecsó selection, and egg variations. After we ordered a cup of cappuccino and latte, I decided to taste the Florentine Waffini which is a salty waffle with baby spinach, poached egg and camembert-cashew sauce on top. The taste combination was delish, I definitely recommend trying this if you fancy for one of the salty waffles.

My sister, Gyöngyi choose the Hungarian Lecsó with Sausage, she loved it so much. Andi, my other sister tried the Camembert Cheese Stuffed Hungarian French Toast with Blueberry which is my all time favorite combination, sweet and sour, (most of the time I eat this for dinner) and my sis also liked the taste of it. If that wasn’t enough, we ordered one more American Pancake with cinnamon and apple sauce, salty caramel and vanilla cream on top. Basically, you can win my heart (and tummy) anything with apple and caramel but look at the pictures, doesn’t it look amazing?

All of the meals were decorated so pretty, in Á la Maison style. The staff is incredibly nice and friendly, the whole atmosphere is lovely and of course, it’s hard to resist not to take some pictures to Instagram. 🙂 Me and my sisters had a wonderful time here so we will be back soon. Thanks for having us!

They are planning to do home delivery in the near future, I can’t wait to try ordering online from Á la Maison if I am in Budapest.

Check out Á la Maison website here and Instagram here for more info and beautiful pictures.


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