3 books to feed your soul


You know I truly believe in positive thinking but on the days when I am not feeling good, I like to take off these books from the shelf and one of them always gives me hope and reminds me to be grateful for my life. These three books mean a lot for me. I read the books again and again in the last five years when I needed something to remember life is beautiful, people are nice and kind, there is always hope, love, and everything happens for a reason.


  • Dalai Lama – Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World

I like the Dalai Lama’s teaching and spiritual speeches. This is one of my favorite books when I’d like to read something about our world and understand how it works. I always read it again because it makes me so calm and hopeful. It is just nice to read about positive things.

As it says in the title, he shares his thoughts on the world in a nonreligious way. It tells you how to live a happier and peaceful life. He shares the most important values and ethics he believes that should be in central in our lives and the world.

The book is a guide on how to improve human life on individual, community and global levels.


  • Oprah Winfrey – Everything What I Know For Sure

Oprah became of the world most extraordinary women in the last decades and compared where she came from I really respect her. I love to read her stories about her life, what and how she learned. After reading it again and again, I always realize I just need to keep calm, enjoy life and don’t stress about everything. Everything happens as it should be.

So after she made history with her famous show, she started to write amazing books (and do more stuff of course). In this book, she tells life lessons, her experiences to inspire us. She wrote about the joy of life, the connection between people, gratitude, and power.

She provides a guide on how to become our best selves.


  • (only in Hungarian) Balogh Béla, Dr. Szondy Máté, Paulinyi Tamás, Popper Péter – A Boldogság nyomában (How to Find Happiness)

One thing that every people desire is LOVE but sometimes it seems like hopeless what we will never find. After you realize, love not depends on the circumstances or people around you, it depends only on you and how can you create it for yourself. These different writers of the book, try to explain to you the most wonderful thing in life, love.

This books taught me about self-love, to be loved and how to love others.

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