My week in pictures – Abs challenge, healthy eating, new trends and workworkwork

I try to create my morning routine because until now my morning was like trying to wake up around 8 am and enjoy my breakfast and coffee then start/go to work. I am always so jealous of those people who have a super productive morning such as my bf, Ben, but I LOVE to sleep and it’s so hard to leave my bed(HELP!). So my plan is to go to bed around 10-11 pm and wake up around 7 am, I think it manageable. I’d like to start my day with some reading, exercise and some healthy breakfast and coffee. I always write my to-do list the day before so when I start to work at 9 am, I already have what I have to do. The biggest challenge for me is to use my phone only when I start to work, but this is something I really want to add to my new morning routine. What’s your morning routine?

So we started this 30 days 6 pack abs challenge on the 1st of March. It is going very well ( I see some changes) except we skipped some days when we were so tired and working until late at night. On the picture, you can see the plan and how I looked like on the first day. And yes, I will post my before and after pictures. 😀 As you can see, I really need this challenge mostly because I am thin but it doesn’t mean I am healthy too, eg.: I have high cholesterol. Sorry for the mess at the background but it’s a 100% real life picture. Oh and I almost forget to mention, how funny is Ben’s mirror with the ‘winner’ sign on it? I mean… he knows how to be motivated all the time!:)

You know how I love my breakfast! 🙂 Sometimes I enjoy avocado so much and there are days when I don’t want to even think about it. Is it the same for anyone else? I love to eat it with eggs, bacon and of course tomato! I know avocado is so healthy because it contains healthy fats, so I balance my diet with bacon. haha! I am not trying to eat super healthy because I believe in a balanced diet like eating everything a little bit and lots of fruits and veggies. What I know for sure, I am not a salad girl.

When the lights on in the evening!

Canary Wharf

I am so lucky I can work from home, but sometimes I feel I need to get out. These days, me and Ben go to coffee shops to work. This time we went to Starbucks at Tower Bridge.

Love working with unique brands and share their values and message with you. I always like to try out new products and share my experiences.

This is just a picture of us in general! 🙂 Home together.

This is definitely not an ‘ad’ but I’d like to share my good experience with you about this new Kellogg granola which is so tasty and made without any sugar. It’s so hard to find delicious granola (without sugar) for an affordable price so I really recommend this one. It is also perfect for a healthy diet.

Finally, the sun is out in London so we went for a walk and drank some coffee. I don’t understand, the weather in London is more rainy in spring than in winter. hmmm

My two favorite quotes for this week. BE KIND!

First beautiful and yummy strawberries in spring!

My new favorite trend this year this pearl hair accessories. I am still thinking about to buy a hairband too but I am not sure it is for me or no. 🙂 What do you think? Do you like this trend?

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