Half Cup – all day brunch and unique flavors

Half Cup is nearby St. Pancras so if you are in the area definitely visit this amazing brunch place. Although I traveled throughout London to try it and meet my friend, it is absolutely worth it. 🙂

We waited a couple of minutes to be seated and I was surprised how busy and small the place is. We got the table in the window so it was nice to look out a little bit and we had more lights as well. The beautiful art on the walls made by Saroj Patel and it makes Half Cup such a cozy and lovely place.

I ordered a cup of cappuccino with almond milk and hazelnut syrup which was so tasty and with the hazelnut syrup it was something that I’ve never tried. If you’d like to add some extra to your hot drink, I recommend to try it.

Our food arrived so quickly and of course, as pancakes lovers, we tried the Sweetcorn Pancakes with feta, chives, bacon, chili sauce, and a fried egg. So we ordered one for both of us and shared one Sweet Brioche French Toast with chocolate soil, miso caramel, rhubarb puree, and chantilly cream. I chose the salty pancakes because it’s so rare to find it on menus, and this was an absolutely good choice. Though the chili sauce tasted more like a tomato sauce, everything was wonderful, even the egg was perfectly fried for me. The Brioche French Toast looked like a piece of art, as you can see on the pictures, but it was also delicious and an incredible mixture of different flavors. I loved how the sweet chocolate and chantilly cream, the salty caramel, and the sour rhubarb puree with berries melted together in my mouth.

It was such a pleasure to see and try some new flavors and breakfast options on the menu beside the usual granola bowl and avocado toast. If you would like to try some new flavors for brunch and take some Instagrammable pictures, Half Cup is the place to go!

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