Sunday Roast – food and drinks in Camden

Pretty flowers on the table and I loved this Fentiman’s pink rose lemonade with the berries, it tasted amazing.

With my love, Ben.

I’d like to try the Sunday Roast since I moved to London, I can’t believe I waited almost 2 years to taste it. This chicken roast is served with goose fat roasties, double egg Yorkshire puddings, honey roasted carrots and parsnip, smashed and buttered spring greens, celeriac puree, and gravy. Yummm!

The Spread Eagle, Camden

Our friend, Szandi’s Chicken Burger with spicy fries with the best smoky bacon.

Szandi, my pretty friend from Hungary. She was my neighbor in my hometown so basically, we grow up together. Both of us are living in London now, the world is so small, isn’t it?

How beautiful when everything is blooming in spring! I adore the colorful houses and blooming trees! 🙂

After our lovely Sunday lunch, we walked to Primrose Hill to see the city from there. It was such a breathtaking view and you can see how London is built next to the river Thames. It was nice to see so many couples and friends were watching the sunset, especially on this day when me and Ben decided to challenge ourselves with social media detox.

After Primrose Hill, we went to a pub to drink some beers and ciders with our friends. I didn’t drink but we enjoyed each others company. Omg, so many funny stories from the years when we were teenagers. (Sorry Mom!) This was such a perfect Sunday. 🙂

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